Consumer and Personal Care

Johnson & Johnson’s Consumer segment includes products for baby care, body care, facial skin care, sun care, and feminine personal care, allergy care, wound care, cough and cold care, digestive health, oral care, and pain care.

Oral Health Care

  • 【Listerine®】


    Listerine contains 4 kinds of essential oil which can penetrate into every corner in your mouth, clean up the  remains after brushing, effectively restrain the bacteria and prevent your mouth  from the oral problem like gum bleeding, bad breath and cavities. Use Listerine mouth wash, 30 seconds each time in the morning and evening, you can enjoy better life with better oral care.

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Skin Care

  • 【CLEAN & CLEAR®】


    Discover new possibilities with confidence and CLEAN & CLEAR®. CLEAN & CLEAR® understands how your skin can affect your outlook on life – when you look your best you have the confidence to be yourself and enjoy new experiences. We’ve done our research and we have a deep understanding of the unique needs of your skin. That’s why we have designed a complete range of products for young skin that are oil-free, so they won’t clog pores and cause skin problems – giving you clean, beautiful skin that’s naturally fair and problem free.

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  • 【Neutrogena®】


    "Bring Science to the art of the beauty!"Neutrogena Corporation, a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Neutrogena offers some of the world’s most loved skin care lines, and manufactures markets products in over 70 countries.

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  • 【Dabao®】


    Dabao as a skin care brand aims to meet consumers’ evolving needs, deliver simple and genuine care to consumers.SOD Milk, launched in 1990, and Day Cream & Night Cream are widely known products by Chinese consumers.

    From 2009, Dabao launched SOD cream, Refresh and Hydration Facial Cleanser, SOD Moisturizing Hand Cream, Refresh and Hydration UV Lotion, Moisturizing Body Wash and Refresh Body Wash, etc, offering more value for money products to consumers.
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  • 【Johnson's body care】

    【Johnson's body care】

    Johnson's body care – a totally new body care brand specialized for adult women, offering total body care solutions including bath and moisturizer, hand cream and sun care products.      
    By inheriting Johnson and Johnson's  expertise in skin care and research on Asian women's skin, Johnson's Body Care launched five specialized ranges: Lasting Hydration, Extra Care, Naturally white, Melt Away Stress and Oxygen Fresh to meet different skin types of women, such as dry skin, sensitive skin and neutral skin, etc. Also, by adopting gentle and mild ingredients and being skin affinity orientated, each range has various functions and fragrances to meet not only Chinese women's fundamental needs for long-lasting hydration, but also advanced demand for deep moisturizing, whitening moisturizing, soothingly relaxing and freshly breathing.
    [Body Care tips]By using bath and moisturizer together for consecutive 21days, your skin will be as smooth as baby's!

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Baby Care

  • 【Johnson's ® Baby】

    【Johnson's ® Baby】

    Johnson's ® Baby has held the high-standard quality as the most important responsibility for more than 100 years and we have been dedicating to pursuing better with moms all the time.

    Johnson’s® Baby provides mothers with safe, clinically proven mild and gentle products. And we are committed that every product has gone through the safety assurance process, covering strict ingredient selection, toxicology assessment, clinical evaluation, in-use testing and continual evaluation & upgrading after product's launch.  Particular formulas are developed for baby skin to ensure their tender skin healthy and hydrated.

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Women's Health

  • 【o.b®】


    o.b.  provides women with a smarter way to manage their periods.  o.b. tampons are made of rayon and a polyester string, small size but strong absorbency.  o.b. tampon’s FLUID-LOCK® grooves pull fluid into the core for locked-in leak protection, you can keep your cool and get out there with confidence.

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