Xian Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd.

A Legacy of 30 years in China

Founded in 1985, Xian Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd. is one of China’s largest pharmaceutical joint ventures. It is also one of the earliest multinational pharmaceutical companies to enter China after China’s Economic Reform. Over the past 30 years, the company has steadily developed to become the leading pharmaceutical company in China.

The legacy of Xian Janssen started with Dr. Paul Janssen. Dr. Paul was a Belgian scientist of international allure. Dr. Paul believed in risk taking, being proactive and driving for constant innovation. He once said that “When you make a friend in China, it is for life. Personally, I have had nothing but good contacts with the Chinese.”

Today, Xian Janssen is a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. Johnson & Johnson is the most broadly based manufacturer of health care products, as well as a provider of related services, for the consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical devices and diagnostics markets. Recently, with the acquisition of Crucell, Johnson & Johnson has also entered the vaccine market.

Devoted to Science, Dedicated to Health

Since its establishment, Xian Janssen is dedicated to introducing and producing many innovative and high-quality products. Its products include non-prescription drugs which have been widely trusted by patients, such as Motilium, Daktarin, and Xisimin, as well as many high quality prescription drugs, such as VELCADE® and SUSTENNA®. These products serve as treatments for many diseases including psychiatric, neurologic, gastrointestinal, oncology and antifungal diseases.

Leveraging Johnson & Johnson’s global strengths in research and development, Xian Janssen has introduced innovative, patented products, such as SUSTENNA®, the first once-a-month injectable treatment for the acute and maintenance treatment of schizophrenia, anti-psychotic drug INVEGA®, advanced biological agent REMICADE®, and , all of which help patients to improve the quality of their lives.

Xian Janssen has also collaborated with the Chinese medical profession to develop many international centers for clinical research, both in China and globally, focusing on disease research that has not been conquered, such as AIDS and oncology.

Yin Ai Er Sheng

Based on the company’s credo and spirit of caring, Xian Janssen has been an active corporate citizen conducting over fifty cooperative projects in the areas of medicine, public health, medical R&D and corporate social responsibility. As an example, Xian Janssen cooperated with International Health Exchange and Cooperation Center of Ministry of Health to create the “Wu Jieping Medical Research Award & Paul Janssen Pharmaceutical Research Award” to encourage innovation amongst medical and pharmaceutical professionals. So far, 305 talented medical and pharmaceutical professionals in 45 specialty areas all over China have benefited from these awards over the past 16 years, achieving a host of valuable innovations in the field of scientific research.

Xian Janssen is also known for being a cradle for talent development in the pharmaceutical industry. In 1999, Xian Janssen was rewarded by the Chinese version of Fortune magazine as one of "the top ten most admired foreign-funded enterprises in China." It also received accolades in 2005 from CCTV as a “Best Employer”, and won the "Best Employers in China's College Students Award" in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Investing in the Future

Xian Janssen continues to invest for the future, to launch and plan for new medicines to increase the product portfolio in the areas of biologics, cardiology, rheumatology and urology. The company is committed to tapping the potential that these new medicines will bring for improvement to healthcare in China for Chinese patients.

Xian Janssen manages the business for the long term, following the ethical principles embodied in the Credo. Together, these are the enablers for many of the company’s successes in the past, and will be the enablers for the company’s growth in the future.

About Dr. Paul Janssen & Janssen Pharmaceutical

It all started precisely 59 years ago, in a simple laboratory on the third floor of Dr. Paul Janssen’s parents’ business in Turnhout. The example set by his father, Dr Constant Janssen, stimulated his interest but at the same time turned his thoughts to new and even more ambitious ideas. Despite skepticism and even overt disapproval from some quarters, the young doctor seized the opportunity to give his goals and ideals concrete form: to set up a completely independent and self-supporting research laboratory. Conditions in the early 1950s were quite favorable because medicine had quickly gained momentum after the Second World War. The risks, however, were huge and the modest resources at his disposal made the chances of success marginal. Nevertheless, with his sound scientific grounding, the unshakeable conviction that he would realize his dream and the wholehearted support and confidence of his parents, Dr Paul stubbornly persevered.

Today, Dr. Paul Janssen and thousands of co-workers and former co-workers all over the world can look back on an extremely successful company that has spanned five decades. One that, with more than 40 foreign affiliates, has grown into a truly global concern and in many fields has become an indispensable cornerstone of Johnson & Johnson. Hopes and ideals that many people considered impossible back in 1953 have thus been realized: from its originally modest base in the Kempen region of northeast Belgium, Janssen Pharmaceutica has conquered the world and made an exceptional contribution to many fields of healthcare. Day after day, millions of patients in almost every part of the world derive benefit from the drugs discovered, developed and produced in Beerse.

For more information about Xian-Janssen, please see www.xian-janssen.com.cn.