Johnson & Johnson Medical (China) Ltd./ Johnson & Johnson Medical (Shanghai) Ltd.

Founded in 1994, Johnson & Johnson Medical (China) Ltd. is a wholly foreign owned enterprise of Johnson & Johnson in China and the first domestic medical equipment company which has obtained two authoritative certifications at the same time, namely the ISO13485 Quality System and YY/TO288 Special Medical Equipment Application Standards. Mainly engaged in production and sales of the advanced medical equipment of Johnson & Johnson, it has become a leading company in a variety of fields including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, orthopedics, suture, minimally invasive surgery, women health, clinical diagnosis, diabetes, sterilization, etc.

With a workforce of over 2800 employees, the company has its head office in Shanghai and regional offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, Ji'nan, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu and Shenyang, dedicated to the provision of the best products and services to patients across China. Meanwhile, it is committed to constantly introducing the latest in medical technology and products to the Chinese market.

While introducing the most advanced technology to China, the company also emphasizes the meticulous patient education and a multitude of professional trainings.  In line with the philosophy of "In Search of Medical Advancement, Committed to Healthcare Excellence”,  the Johnson &Johnson Beijing Medical Science Centers and Shanghai Center are equipped with a range of facilities including live tele-surgery, computer simulated operations, human simulated operation and remote operation operations, all of which provide excellent opportunities of professional trainings to Chinese medical workers.  In addition, Johnson & Johnson Medical’s professional training is dedicated to creating a worldwide online training communication platform, aimed at promoting the development of doctors’ expertise and professional competencies. These efforts will help boost the advancement of country’s development in the area of medical services, and make Johnson & Johnson Medical the country’s most trusted medical partner. 

The core values of Johnson & Johnson are clearly established in Our Credos. In order to produce high quality products and run numerous highly valuable health education and corporate social responsibilities projects, the company will support all carers out there to ensure that the quality of health and life among Chinese families significantly improves. With a presence in China for over ten years, Johnson & Johnson Medical (China) Ltd. has always been committed to contributing to its society by consistently participating in a number of social and public welfare initiatives including sponsoring Junior Achievements on global business ethics training, supporting Red Cross Society of China on construction of a database of bone marrow donors, initiating diabetes patient education program, AIDS orphan caring project. Meanwhile, we have worked to honor our commitment to environmental and natural resource protection through our efforts, which involves taking part in events to promote environmental protection. We were particularly pleased to obtain the ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard. 

Rooted in China, Johnson & Johnson Medical and Johnson & Johnson China’s other eager business units have successfully together worked on a number of social projects. The company became the global sponsor of the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympics Games, as well as the worldwide sponsor for the American Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.

Having been named “Best Employers” in 2003 and in 2005, the company was again named “Best Employers in Asia” and No. 5 in the list of “Best Employers in China” in 2009 Hewitt survey of best Asian employers.

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