Johnson & Johnson China Ltd.

Investment and operation

With more than 100 years of history, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is the world's most broadly based healthcare company discovering, developing, and manufacturing consumer health, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices and diagnostics products. With over 275 operating companies, Johnson & Johnson has approximately 128,000 employees in 60 countries and markets its products throughout the world. It has been ranked among the top of the global Most Admired Companies by Fortune for years.

Johnson & Johnson has been committed to its development in China. Established in Shanghai Minhang Economic & Technological Development Zone in January 1992 with a registered capital of more than $100 million, Johnson & Johnson China Ltd. is the first wholly-funded enterprise set up by Johnson & Johnson. It is committed to producing and promoting high quality personal health care products catering for consumers of various ages, and driving the health care of Chinese families. Its products are not only sold in domestic consumer market, but also exported to international markets.  

In July 2006, Johnson & Johnson set up Emerging Market Innovation Center (EMIC) in Shanghai, and put it into operation in October 2007. This is the first large-sized R&D center in Asia-Pacific region. Engaged in the R&D of various consumer health care products, the EMIC has boosted the company’s business innovation in China and Asia-Pacific region.

Despite the huge challenge from the global financial crisis, The Fountain Project completed to expand production capacity in Minhang, Shanghai in May 2010. This investment decision fully demonstrated Johnson & Johnson’s confidence in China’s development. The newly completed project is a benchmark plant, taking the lead in China's cosmetics sector to reach Class 100,000 clean room standard in its filling workshop, and the high-speed bottling line was 60% faster than previous one. In the process of project implementation, the use of sustainable and LEAN concept and the maximum adoption of energy-conserving and environmental-friendly materials and technologies can improve production capacity by 85%, and save about 24,000 tons of water and nearly $100,000 worth electric power and gas energy consumption every year. No safety accident occurred during the construction, and new records were set in energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon operation, and safety. Besides, the operation of the project promoted the favorable development of the upstream and downstream industries.

Corporate culture

Our Credo defines the premium code of conduct of Johnson & Johnson's affiliates around the world. The fundamental reason for our long-term sustainable development is our corporate social responsibility spelled out in Our Credo. Like many of our other OpCos in China, Johnson & Johnson China Ltd., on the one hand, ensures high quality products, advanced technology and philosophy, safe workplace, environmental protection, and employees' rights and interests, and provides a platform for employee growth; one the other, we shoulder responsibility for the communities where we live and work. Caring to the whole world and each individual encourages all of us to stay closer.

The mission of Johnson & Johnson China Ltd. is to become the most reliable consumer health care product provider in China. It is committed to producing and selling high quality health care products to enhance the health of Chinese families.

Our philosophy is to "bringing science to the art of healthy living".

Products available

The product line of the company has expanded from baby care at the beginning to women's health care, skin care, and oral health care. In September 1992, the century-old Johnson's baby brand was launched in China. With the efforts in two decades, the brand has become a reliable baby care expert in the eyes of numerous Chinese mothers. Subsequently, a wide range of Johnson's well-known brands were launched in China--o.b. tampons was launched in April 1993; Stayfree napkins and pads were launched in China in June 1995 and January 1997 respectively; Clean & Clear made its debut in China in August 1997; later, Neutrogena has become a leading skin care brand thanks to its outstanding quality since 2004. These brands are well received in China by women of various ages; in 2006, another century-old brand Listerine mouthwash started to usher in a new stage of oral health care for Chinese consumers; in August 2009 we launched new brand: Johnson's body care, which won the favor of consumers as soon as they became available in China.

We have been giving top priority to our product quality and consumers' interests, honoring our commitment to consumers in the process of rigorous quality control. To ensure product quality and safety, we start with strict selection of product ingredients. We only select widely verified safe and effective ingredients. All of our products will be subject to rigid evaluation and inspection of relevant institutions before they are launched. Upon launch, we make constant improvement according to the feedbacks of consumers and doctors as well as the up-to-date scientific data, so as to ensure increasingly perfect product quality. Our high quality products have become integral part of people's daily lives. We also devote ourselves to the communication of health knowledge, with a view to enabling consumers to gain opportunities to benefit from medical knowledge while using our products.

Over the more than 100 years, the successful experience and practice of Johnson & Johnson has made us more confident in employing the newest scientific concepts to establish lifetime ties with more Chinese families, and to provide a wider range of more outstanding health care products for them.

Environmental protection and sustainable development

We are committed to providing the best working environmental for our employees. We have had the advanced E.H.S. management concept introduced in the Minhang plant, devoting to energy conservation and emissions reduction, cleaner production, and recycling of resources in the process of production and the whole product life cycle; we have been focusing on environmental protection, occupation health and safety management. As for COD emissions, energy consumption, water consumption, and waste water discharge have been reducing, as we have realized and maintained the environmental achievements without any pollution accident, out of limits accidents, environmental punishment, or complaint. In 2008 and 2009, the company won such titles and honors awarded by Minhang District of Shanghai as Environmental-Friendly Enterprise, Award for Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction, and Garden Entity.

At present, we are adopting the sustainable development strategy consistent with the global practice; we have introduced the same evaluation system to deal with product design, packaging, manufacturing, storage and transport, logistics, and marketing etc. In so doing, we reduce environmental impact, and we adopt low carbon and economical means to quantify the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions so as to realize the Healthy Future 2015 Goals of Johnson & Johnson.

Corporate social responsibility

The core values of Johnson & Johnson are articulated in a document called "Our Credo". Over the past 60 years, Our Credo has been guiding us to fulfill our responsibilities for consumers, customers, employees, communities, and shareholders as well. In China, such care-based core values are interpreted as "Yin Ai Er Sheng (因爱而生)", which means "because we care, we act". With the values, Johnson & Johnson is committed to growing in China and contributing back to society while providing high quality products; the company has been making positive efforts to carry forward corporate social responsibility; it engages in various forms of corporate social responsibility events targeting at people of all ages including infants, children, youth, adults, and senior citizens, and assists hospitals and communities with public health education, helping people help others and bringing positive impact to the health and quality of life of Chinese families.

Over the past 20-plus years, with the guidance of relevant governmental departments of China, Johnson & Johnson has successfully initiated and supported dozens of philanthropic or health education programs in China, including Johnson's Baby Touch Program, Caring Campaign for Work-N-Pump Moms, Neonatal Resuscitation Program, Maternity School, Prevention of Mother-to-Child AIDS Transmission, Baby Doula Program, Education of Adolescence, Mental Health Education Program, and Johnson & Johnson Family Health Initiative, Healthier Life, Better Further program for providing self-protection and health care knowledge to migrant workers' children. These programs are carried out in hospitals, communities,and schools. saving numerous mothers and newborns at risk, and providing Chinese families with leading mother and infant health and care as well as adolescence psychological education. It is noteworthy that Johnson's Baby Touch Program introduced in 1995 has benefited more than 11 million new moms, and more than 800 hospitals have built up standard Johnson's Baby touch rooms, and the program was included into the Best Cases for China Corporate Responsibility by China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment in 2007. In 2012, Johnson's Baby initiated "Spare Space, Spread Love" campaign for creating a better space for working mothers for feeding and pumping, promoting breast-feeding among new moms who have got back to work after maternity leave. Nearly 30,000 temporary nursing room stickers have been applied to create temporary space for work-n-pump moms. The campaign has earned numerous new moms' nods.

In face of such natural disasters as Wenchuan Quake, Yushu Quake, tsunami, typhoon, ice and snow, and flood, Johnson & Johnson has been unhesitating to give a helping hand. Johnson & Johnson has been recognized as the most admired employer or best company with corporate social responsibility on many occasions in China and the world.

We also teamed up with other enterprises of Johnson & Johnson in China to carry out the following public welfare campaigns, and won the Award for 2009 China Top 10 Charitable Enterprises in 2009 and The 8th China Charity Award, etc.:

  • Supported China Red Cross for the building of China Marrow Donor Program, and called for Johnson & Johnson employees to be part of donation campaign. So far, nearly 2800 employees have become blood sample donation volunteers in China. In 2007, Johnson and Johnson won “China Red Cross Medal” in 2007.
  • Johnson & Johnson began to assist with the Mother Safety Program initiated by the United Nations Children’s Fund, and partnered with Tibet Working Committee on Women and Children to advocate in the five pilot counties of Tibet the education program for birth in hospitals, and extended the program to cover seven counties in Tibet.
  • Supported the Mother-Infant Safety Program initiated by Shanghai Song Ching Ling Foundation in view of the relatively backward medical and health conditions in the western region, including low level of women and children health care, and high incident rate of death of pregnant and puerperal women as well as infants during the perinatal period. 
  • Provided assistance to Fuyang AIDS Orphan Salvation Association. Assisted more than 876 AIDS orphans, and supported the healthy growth of children under the influence of AIDS and poverty.
  • Supported Safety Kids Program to help more than 6 millions parents and children to be aware of the potential risks in life so as to avoid children's accidental injuries.
  • Assisted the global business ethics courses held by Junior Achievement to help more than 13,700 students of universities program covered in China to establish proper professional ethics and value orientation.

Johnson & Johnson has long been supporting various events of China for going global. It was a global partner of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Moreover, it positively participated in and backed up the World Expo 2010 Shanghai as the top sponsor of the USA Pavilion, and launched the “Small Acts, Big Impact” initiative to honor its commitment to the society.