Saving & Improving Lives

Baby Touch Program

In 1995, Johnson & Johnson China Ltd. introduced the Baby Touch initiative to China, to train obstetric and neonatal health care workers. In addition, standard Baby Touch rooms were established in hospitals throughout the country. So far, the Baby Touch program has been implemented in more than 2,000 hospitals in over 438 cities in China. A total of 800 hospitals have established standard Baby Touch rooms. Over 11 million new mothers have received the professional Baby Touch training. Over 38,000 medical professionals have received the Baby Touch training, passed their certificate exams, and become professional Baby Touch specialists.

Neonatal Resuscitation Program

In 2004, Johnson & Johnson teamed up with the American Academy of Pediatrics to launch the Neonatal Resuscitation Program in China. This program has already covered more than 20,000 delivery organizations in over 20 Chinese provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and trained nearly 100,000 professional medical workers. Data from 322 hospitals across the country shows that in the last five years over 90,000 newborns have been saved from death or being handicapped thanks to this program. The mortality rate of newborns due to suffocation in regions covered by the program has been reduced by 53%, and the preset goal has also been realized, i.e., each delivery site has one medical worker who has mastered the neonatal resuscitation techniques. In 2011, the program launched its second 5-year plan. According to official predictions, if more doctors and nurses can master the neonatal resuscitation techniques, more than 20,000 newborns across the country will be saved each year over the next five years.

Neonatal Resuscitation Program

Pregnant Women School

The "Pregnant Women School" initiative was launched by Johnson & Johnson and the Chinese Medical Association with the guidance and support from related government agencies. This program provides healthcare education for pregnant women during pregnancy and the prenatal period and has received professional support from related authoritative medical institutions. The participating hospitals assign professional gynecological & obstetric doctors and nurses to work as teachers in the Pregnant Women Schools training pregnant women on appropriate healthcare practices in courses that are organized by local professional maternity care organizations. Today, the "Pregnant Women School" program operates in 385 cities across the country and is now extending its healthcare education & training or pregnant women from tier-1 cities to tier-2 & 3 cities.

Dabao-Zhiyue Deaf Kid Rehabilitation Program

In 2010, Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co., Ltd., a company of Johnson & Johnson, donated 2,200,000 RMB to China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped and China Council of Lions Clubs to cover the rehab costs of deaf children in cooperation with China Rehabilitation Research Centre for Deaf Children. A total of more than 150 deaf children received this rehab training and have greatly improved their hearing ability.

Healthier Life, Brighter future

Since 2011, Johnson & Johnson have been sponsoring  Enactus China ( original name: SIFE China) to operate a healthcare education program  named Healthier Life, Brighter Futher, which encourages and supports university students to deliver the  education of self-protection and healthcare to children of migrant workers from rural areas. To date, at least 900 university students took the role as voluntary teachers, more than 25353 primary students in need , 900 teachers and 2500 parents have benefited from this program.

Care Working and Pumping Moms

In China, many working mothers have to give up breastfeeding their newborn babies after maternity leave because of a lack of feeding room at work. JOHNSON'S® Baby initiated series of activities through Sina official weibo account @iMomCommunity to help WNP (Working and Pumping ) moms.  In 2012, @iMomCommunity  has initiated "Spare Space, to Spread Love" campaign for working mothers with newborn babies who need an area for feeding and pumping.  Within a month after the campaign was launched by the JOHNSON’S® Baby @iMomCommunity, the video had received 1.8 million views, 2 million posts were generated under the topic, 2,000 nursing room locations were shared. Meanwhile, the campaign has triggered mainstream media exposures and has involved female charity organizations in China.  More and more companies have shown support to set up special areas for temporary nursing rooms. So far, the campaign had almost 200 million on-line supporters and 30 thousand breastfeeding stickers had been shared. In 2013, JOHNSON'S ® Baby will initiate more activities according to WNP moms’ practical need to help them care their babies better.


Sight for kids Program

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (Shanghai) Ltd, in cooperation with the Lions Clubs International, provides sight check, treatment (providing glasses or surgery and eye care education for children in Asia. In China, this program primarily focuses on kindergartens where students’ parents are migrant workers from rural areas. To date, sight screenings have been administered to more than 7,000 children.

Sight for kids Program

Safe kids Program

Having collaborated with Safe Kids Worldwide for over 20 years, J&J launched a series of Safe Kids activities for Chinese children under 14 and their parents to prevent accidental injury. Now more than six million children and their parents in 23 cities across the country have received various forms of safety education, and the media reports that more than 100 million people have been helped by the project. This program has helped to reduce the injury and death rates of children in China in recent years.

Safe kids Program

Global Business ethics Program

Johnson & Johnson Medical (China) Ltd. has been working with Junior Achievement since 2004 to provide the organization's Global Business Ethics course to students in Chinese universities. Employees from Johnson & Johnson Medical serve as volunteers and help these future leaders mobilize their individual and collective experience and aptitude to enable them to make optimal decisions by analyzing complicated business situations sector with an open attitude. Currently, more than 13,700 students have benefited from the work of over 700 volunteers.

Tomorrow Leader School

The J&J Tomorrow Leader School was launched in July 2008. Through long-term partnerships with 11 nationally leading universities, including the Peking University, the Tsinghua University, the Fudan University, Beijing Union Medical College and China Pharmaceutical University, this program aims to help university students with career planning and development and to train future elite caring for the community. The program is independently run by students with support from Johnson & Johnson and guidance from their universities. Since it was launched, the program has provided a great boost to Johnson & Johnson's brand as an employer, and has become a famous industry-school club.

J&J China Aging development foundation

On June 27, 2009, China's first toll-free hotline (800-810-0277) for elderly psychological assistance was opened in Beijing. On October 17, 2010, Johnson & Johnson Medical teamed up with the Chinese Red Cross Foundation and the Jinghua Welfare Foundation to create the J&J China Aging Development Foundation, China's first foundation dedicated to the mental and physical health of senior citizens. On a long-term basis, the foundation has supported community lectures on the health of seniors, a free mental health consulting hotline for seniors, the organization of community social activities for seniors, the creation of seniors' university, and the provision of volunteer service for seniors, among other activities. The program has been set up in 617 communities and 2900 nursing homes in 9 provinces and autonomous regions, has launched 8 free hotlines, has successfully rescued more than 32,980 seniors with a suicidal tendency, and has directly helped more than 11,626 seniors through volunteers. In November 2011, the consulting hotline was included in the "12th Five-Year Plan" by the Beijing Municipal Government, indicating that it has been recognized by the government as an essential part of the social care movement.

Vocational training and Career development Support for Rural Women

Johnson teamed up with the Fuping Development Institute to help female homemakers improve their skills and obtain stable and decent jobs by developing pre-job and on-the-job training courses. In 2011, 1179 female migrant workers in Beijing were trained, and 1132, 96% of the total, found jobs.

Cultural Relic  Preservation Project with the Museum of Emperor Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum

Since 2000, Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Xian Janssen began supporting Emperor Qin’s Museum of Terracotta Warriors & Horses. The project, named “Protection of Terracotta Warriors” aims at providing the museum with the latest, anti-mold research results to help protect the Terracotta Army. In this program, Janssen not only donated money to the museum to build China's first-class microbiological research lab, but also provided related research equipment and antifungal agents and trained researchers at the museum. The collaboration created a precedent of using modern medical technology to save ancient artifacts.

In 2006, Johnson & Johnson, Janssen-Cilag Belgium, Xian Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd., and Emperor Qin’s Museum of Terracotta Warriors & Horses signed a Phase II agreement. During the 5-year cooperation, Johnson & Johnson and Janssen helped build labs for relic repair, for analyzing relic materials, researching the relics’ environment, training technicians with international relic protection technology, and studying relevant subjects.

On September 27th, 2012, Janssen-Cilag Belgium, Xian Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd. and the Emperor Qin’s Museum of Terracotta Warriors & Horses signed a Phase III agreement. Over the next five years, Johnson & Johnson and Janssen will help the museum build an open lab for relic repair, a networked environmental monitoring system for the Qin Shihuang Mausoleum, and a mobile lab for relic protection as well as training for staff members. 

Cultural Relics’ Preservation Project with China Qinshihuang terracotta Army museum


Disaster Relief

When faced with major natural disasters, Johnson & Johnson is always quick to react, positively responding to government calls for disaster aid. Following the “512” earthquake in Wenchuan, Johnson & Johnson’s various subsidiaries and employees actively donated goods and money, funding many reconstruction projects. After the April 2010 Qinghai Yushu earthquake, Johnson& Johnson also donated funds and medical hygiene products and equipment.

Disaster Relief