Preventing Diseases & Reducing Stigma

Migrant Children Health Awareness education Program

Beginning in June 2008, Johnson & Johnson has teamed up with Tsinghua University to run the "Health Education for Children of Migrant Workers" program. This program supports experts offering health education for children of migrant workers from rural areas, and also provides Johnson & Johnson's employee volunteers to perform health services for teachers and children. In 2008, led by Johnson & Johnson volunteers, the children in this program participated in activities related to the Beijing Olympics. On June 10, 2010, Johnson & Johnson launched an activity under which 200 children were able to visit the Expo 2010 exhibitions in Shanghai led by 400 volunteers from Johnson & Johnson. 24,000 children from Beijing and Shanghai benefited from the program.

Preventing Diseases & Reducing Stigma

Leukemia (CDMP data Bank expansion Project)

Millions leukemia sufferers are waiting for treatment each year in China. In 2002, Johnson & Johnson began working with the Red Cross Society of China to expand the CDMP capacity. The program includes raising the public awareness of blood stem cell needs and donations, providing funds for project operations, and encouraging blood stem cell donations from Johnson & Johnson employees as ways of demonstrating J & J's continuous commitment to Chinese family health. In 2009, Johnson & Johnson again provided funding to support the "China Marrow Donor Program's Foundation of the Red Cross Society of China", which provides small amounts of money to help patients with financial difficulties. To date, Johnson & Johnson has donated a total of RMB 16 million to support CMDP, more than 2,800 Johnson & Johnson employees volunteered to donate hematopoietic stem cell samples, and two successful cases have occurred through the program.

Fuyang Aids orphan Salvation

Johnson & Johnson provided support for the Fuyang AIDS Orphan Salvation Association (AOS) in China's Anhui Province, to address the future of AIDS orphans and to create vocational schools for them where the children can receive training on necessary job skills. In addition, a summer camp was also created to broaden the children's horizons and to provide further learning opportunities for them. Out of 876 children, 595 have finished the nine-year compulsory education. Among school-age children, the enrollment rate is up to 98%. The self-image of the children receiving the support has been fundamentally enhanced, and the financial condition of their families has also been significantly improved.

HIV/AidS Prevention Project for Rural Women

Since 2006, Johnson & Johnson has cooperated with Tsinghua University to promote the prevention of HIV/AIDS among migrant women. From 2006 to 2008, the program provided HIV-AIDS education and prevention mainly to migrant women from Sichuan and Yunnan. To date, 2,476 women have been directly educated while those indirectly covered has reached 14,247. Several best practices and models for the preventive intervention of HIV/AIDS have been successfully generalized. In 2011, Tsinghua University introduced the intervention program on a trial basis to the female penitentiary facilities and detention centers in Mianyang, Changsha and Hangzhou, to provide diverse education services covering health knowledge, legal rights protection and vocational skills education for female sex workers in the form of partner education.

Developing Community environmental Health education

Beginning in 2008, Johnson & Johnson has cooperated with China Environmental Protection Foundation to develop the green community environmental health education program for local community volunteers in Kunming, Yunnan. This program trains university students to become volunteer and to launch various environmental health activities together.

Forest Planting Program

In a response to the call from various parties in Beijing to treat the sandy land in Duolun to improve the eco-environment around Beijing, since 2000 Dabao has donated a total of RMB 4.75 million to build the "Dabao Eco Forest", with an area of more than ten thousand Chinese acres in the Duolun Count of Inner Mongolia. To further protect Beijing from sandstorm disasters and improve the plant life in the environment,, since 2009 Dabao has donated RMB 1.1 million to FengNing in Hebei province to build "Dabao Public Welfare Forest".

Drug donation

Remicade PAP program of China Charity Foundation-Xi'an Janssen provides the medicine Remicade to patients with rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis or Crohn's disease to help them receive long-term and standard treatment. The program was launched in June 2010 and 8 target provinces/cities patients will receive standard treatment. From June 2010 to February 2012, the program provided help for about 2,000 patients. The Charity Donation Program of the China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped was launched in March 2012, to provide assistance for about 50 thousand patients with rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis or Crohn's disease in 150 hospitals designated by the program in 28 provinces and cities across the country within the next ive years.

The "Risperdal" Charity Aid Program was launched on May 20, 2011, and during the following 18 months it donated the medicine Risperdal to 100 thousand schizophrenic and bipolar patients with financial difficulties in 120 hospitals in 56 cities in 11 Chinese provinces, to enable poverty-stricken patients with mental disorders to get effective treatment.