Building Health Care Capacity

Go West

Co-organized by Chinese Medical Association and Xian-Janssen since 2002, the Go West Program aims to promote medical training and enhance people's health awareness in the west of China through various lectures and presentations. To date, this program has been implemented in 19 regions in 12 provinces across the country. More than 140 experts from 55 medical institutions have participated in the activities, 170 academic lectures have been delivered, and 49,000 trainees have benefited from it. The lectures cover more than 20 subject fields, including cardiac internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, oncology (internal medicine), and psychiatry. Apart from academic lectures, the participating experts & scholars have also carried out 255 teaching-oriented ward visits and 28 surgical demonstrations, inspected 115 grass-roots medical organizations or communities, created 8 popular science centers and 9 popular science bookshelves, and donated more than 1400 medical textbooks.

Building Health Care Capacity

Wealove Angles foundation

Johnson & Johnson Medical began to donate money to the Shanghai Charity Foundation's "Only Love Foundation" to encourage and support the training of general medical practitioners and to provide better healthcare. Activities include honoring & rewarding good resident physicians, sponsoring the "Only Love Angel's Cup" medical popular science paper contest, providing support for the training of general medical practitioners, and providing support for the e-learning platform, which offers standard training for resident physicians. Since the program was launched, Johnson & Johnson has spent a total of RMB 2.5 million to support the activities of more than 2,600 people from 39 Tier-3 and Tier-2 hospitals in Shanghai involving 27 subject fields.

Johnson & Johnson's Healthcare Bus

Johnson & Johnson Medical launched the Johnson & Johnson's Healthcare Bus in Jiangxi in cooperation with the China Association of Health Promotion and Education and China's Ministry of Health. This program aims to extend clinically appropriate technologies and promote grassroots level medical treatment and service availability, as well as to give free medical consultants to the public.
Since 2008, this program has extended to 41 cities including Shandong Province/Henan Province and Sichuan Province etc. During the past four years, the program has delivered 51 trainings to promote suitable techniques to doctors, 1,577 hospitals have participated in the trainings, 5,941 doctors have been trained, and more than 19,000 people have benefited from the free diagnostic & treatment services.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Institute

In order to improve the skills of the workers in China's vision care industry, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (Shanghai) Limited created a nonprofit education organization called the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Institute in Shanghai and Beijing in November 2006 and September 2008, respectively. To date, the Institute has provided theoretical and hands-on operational vision care trainings for more than 10,000 vision care practitioners and opticians. The free trainings improve optometric skills so that the trainees can provide more professional and reliable services to China's consumers who need to correct their eyesight.

"Chunge Action"

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical successfully launched the "Chunge Action" self-medication education campaign across the country, aiming to improve the clinical diagnostic & treatment level by updating the medical knowledge of grass-roots doctors in two subject fields: respiration and pediatrics.

As of 2010, 202 training events had taken place in more than 30 cities of 10 Chinese provinces during this campaign. To date, nearly 18 thousand grass-roots doctors from nearly 5,000 grass-roots medical institutions have carried out face-to-face academic exchanges through the "Chunge Action".