Caring for the stockholders

The concept of Caring for our stockholders runs throughout our daily activities, and we established the corporate social responsibility committee to protect and strengthen the all-around brand product research and development.

Company overview

In the Credo of Johnson & Johnson, the responsibility to stockholders is the last one. This is because Johnson & Johnson believes that as long as we fulfill our responsibility to customers, employees and society to the greatest extent possible, we will enable our stockholders to make a reasonable profit.

In 2011, Johnson & Johnson worldwide sales were $65 billion, and this year is the 28th year of continuous profit growth for the company. Through new product releases, strong product lines and investment in key growth areas, we continue to consolidate market leadership and promote earnings growth .Today Johnson & Johnson has become the world’s largest medical devices and diagnostics company, sixth-largest consumer health care company, sixth-largest biological company, and eighth-largest pharmaceutical company.

Research & development Innovation

Our first-class R&D capability is the core of Johnson & Johnson’s strategy to ensure a healthy return to the stockholders. Johnson & Johnson invests more in R&D projects in order to consistently improve health conditions, manufacture new products and provide new services across the world. In 2011, $7.5 billion, or 11.5% of sales, was invested in research and development. With a consistent flow of new products based on scientific innovation, approximately a quarter of Johnson & Johnson sales last year came from new products introduced in the past five years.

Johnson & Johnson has established 5 Innovation Centers, in 2011, there were 81 clinical trials and 12,260 patients were involved.

The establishment of R&D centers is a key part of Johnson & Johnson's long-term strategy for China. By increasing the R&D investment in China's healthcare technology sector, Johnson & Johnson can build up its own competitive edge, promote the long-term development of local human resources and technological innovation, and deliver on its commitment to caring for the Chinese society on an ongoing basis.