Caring for Employees

Johnson & Johnson treasures our employees as its most valuable asset. We actively create career training and other opportunities for our employees and take a comprehensive approach to caring for their families.

Human Resource management System

J&J's Credo is a powerful anchor for setting common expectations and guiding ethical behavior for all employees in China and around the world. Guided by the Credo, we regard our employees as our most valuable asset and use sophisticated management systems to fully satisfy employees' requirements. There is a unified HR Council for the seven subsidiaries of Johnson & Johnson in China. This is an informal internal communication platform that enables discussion of common challenges and the sharing of best practices through a monthly meeting. It can also launch cross-sector employee programs and events throughout Johnson & Johnson China with the approval from the China President's Council.

Recruitment and diverse Cultures

Global diversity and inclusion is the key to success, and our Credo demands that we are diverse. The diversity of employees makes our workplace more comprehensive and colorful. It also helps us to better understand the varying needs of different groups in various parts of the world, so that we can better develop and provide products and services that meet people’s different needs. We know that every invention, every product, and every breakthrough we’ve brought to human health and well-being has been powered by people’s diversity. Johnson & Johnson adopts an equal employment opportunity policy, respects and safeguards international human rights conventions and labor standards, prohibits child labor and forced labor. Among the over 8,000 employees of Johnson & Johnson in China, 46% are women, and the percentage of women in senior management positions is 38%.

Employee training and Career Advancement

The diversity of businesses among our family of companies offers employees a broad range of career path options. Employees can advance within their functional discipline or progress along a path that provides experience across a range of functions. Based on performance, business needs and personal interest, employees can change job functions, operating companies, business segments and geographic boundaries as they advance within Johnson & Johnson.

optimizing Work, family, and Personal Life

Johnson & Johnson believes that there should be a balance between work and life and that the company should provide overall support for its employees to help every individual improve their work-life balance. This demonstrates our commitment to our credo of caring for every aspect of our employees. Programs launched by the company internally include the following:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) — to help employees and their families solve personal issues, promote mental health, and strike a balance between work and life. It includes a diverse range of consulting and mentoring services such as the 24x7 hotline, case-by-case consulting, and multimedia message (MMS) service;
  • Proactive Health Assessment Program — to help employees create e-health records and assess their risk for certain health problems through online health diagnosis;
  • Workplace Health Program — to help ensure the health and safety of employees through on-site, online, and group health promotion programs, such as healthy diet talks, thereby achieving our objective of advancing employee health and work safety;
  • Wellness and fitness Services — to address employees' health and wellness needs. Some companies offer on-site fitness centers, personal training, and exercise classes.