Caring for the community

Johnson & Johnson taking responsibility for our society is embodied in our charity and staff volunteers’ activities as well as the efforts we make to sustain and preserve the environment.


Carrying out the "Because we care, we act", Johnson & Johnson has been actively involved in various charity/philanthropic causes, caring for society in a variety of ways, including by providing direct funding for projects, donating products, employee participation, and contributing to communities, the general public, and the environment.

Johnson & Johnson's contribution strategy is mainly focused on three areas: building health care capacity; saving & improving lives; preventing diseases & reducing stigma. We provide care for various aspects and various stages of a person's life. In 2012 alone, Johnson & Johnson implemented 33 contribution programs, such as Johnson’s Baby Touch, Safe Kids Program, Go West, Care for Elders in Psychological Crisis and Cultural Relics’ Preservation Project.  8,612 employees participated in the company organized volunteer activities, a total of 19,804 voluntary hours were contributed and 79,923 people in need were helped.

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