Our Responsibility

  • Our Vision

    Living our credo, Johnson & Johnson makes efforts to become the most respected corporate citizen in China.

  • Caring for Customers

    Johnson & Johnson’s care for our customers specifically manifests itself in our pursuit of quality, focusing on the particular needs of Chinese customers and supporting our supply chain partners.

  • Caring for Employees

    Johnson & Johnson treasures our employees as its most valuable asset. We actively create career training and other opportunities for our employees and take a comprehensive approach to caring for their families.

  • Caring for the community

    Johnson & Johnson taking responsibility for our society is embodied in our charity and staff volunteers’ activities as well as the efforts we make to sustain and preserve the environment.

  • Caring for the stockholders

    The concept of Caring for our stockholders runs throughout our daily activities, and we established the corporate social responsibility committee to protect and strengthen the all-around brand product research and development.

  • Awards

    Johnson & Johnson, a century-old multinational company renowned for its active participation in charity activities, has continuously promoted the development of China's health undertakings since it entered the Chinese market. Johnson & Johnson not only provides high-quality products and services for Chinese consumers but also actively participates in community developments and fulfills corporate citizen obligations.