Our Stories

The core values of Johnson & Johnson are articulated in a document called ‘Our Credo’. Through the company’s products, education programs, philanthropy and many other initiatives, Johnson & Johnson helps people help others and brings positive impact to health and life quality of Chinese families. Johnson & Johnson also values its partnerships with other professional healthcare organizations, both scientific and commercial. Through these partnerships, Johnson & Johnson succeeds in advancing healthcare in China.

  • JOHNSON's Baby Touch

    JOHNSON's Baby Touch program, which effectively helps promote the treatment and recovery of cerebral palsy children and premature infants, plays an important role in improving the physical health standard of children born after 1990.

  • Elderly Caring Hotline

    Nowadays, Ms. Jiang is hale and hearty, being active in her community and office. Her vigor and enthusiasm always put young people to shame. Few know that the elderly lady once lingered on the verge of suicide.

  • Cultural Protection

    The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was not just a major sports event for the world, but also a feast of Chinese cultures.

  • Let’s Go Green-JJMSZL Projects of Energy Saving

     Environment and natural resources protection is an important way through which J&J cares for the community and an indispensable social respectability for its employees. Therefore, J&J Suzhou Campus has made unremitting efforts to achieve this green target in aspects such as environment protection system, production & operation and working condition, community eco-environment communication.

  • Angel without Wings

    In 2011, Johnson & Johnson Medical (Suzhou) Ltd.("J&J Medical Suzhou")  launched a "Care for Angels without Wings" program, which aims to provide local disabled children in Suzhou with continuous and directed voluntary services and helps to bring more  love and encouragement to these angels.

  • For All You Love 因爱而生

    Love is the most powerful thing on the planet.

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